At the 2014 Lego/VEX Tournament held in Augusta, Maine, the Spruce Mountain school district had three VEX teams and 50 students on 5 Lego League teams participating.

– Lego Leauge

We had a group of team members that helped with the Lego League competition. One of the tasks that they were given was to deliver score sheet papers to and from the judges and the people who documented the scores for the entire time the competition was going.

Our teams did well, and over all earned four different awards. One team won first in the robot elimination finals and also earned first for the innovative solution category. A second one of our teams earned first place in gracious professionalism, and another won first for their research project.


We had a group of team members helping out at the VEX tournament, keeping track of all the teams and making sure they were getting to their matches on time.

This year’s goal was to score higher than the opposing alliance by building a tower out of pegs, then placing cubes over the tower to score points, all within a fifteen second autonomous period and one minute and forty-five seconds of driver-controlled play.

All of our teams fought hard and made it to the semi-finals, but did not advance to the finals.