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Jay Elementary third graders learn from robotics team

On Thursday, Jan. 22, three students from the SMART Robotics Team made a visit to Jay Elementary third graders.

Jasmine Bussiere, Baylee and Austin Gilboe taught the kids how safety and how recycling applies not only to the Robotics Team but also to their own lives. The children watched a Disney short film about being Safety Smart and learned recycling with Timon and Pumba.

After the video, the robotics trio helped the children learn how you can recycle, how to protect and how to conserve our environment. After the video and some activities, the excited bunch met our Frisbee shooting robot “Koopa”.

The program that the SMART Robotic students use was develop by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and FIRST. UL is a global independent safety science company. Safety SMART teach children to manage themselves and their surroundings as safely as possible through the Safety Smart Program. The program is part SMART Robotic community outreach to promote (STEAM). Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

Despite the loss of school due to the weather, SMART robotics has continued to build the 2015 robot. We worked around the weather working on Sunday and late after school. This year’s robot is designed to pick up storage totes and recycling containers. The game is a logistic stacking game with teams of three alliance partners trying to stack up as many totes as possible with a container on top of them.

The SMART robot this year is all original. We designed and built an omni directional six-wheel drive base. This drive system will allow us to quickly drive to the totes an align with them. Our lift system uses a recycled garage door opener to lift the totes with a ball bearing guide system that spins a five foot long screw. We are designing the system to lift two totes or containers at the same time to maximize scoring.

Our build team spent a lot of time learning about gear ratios and transmissions. We have two 5310 rpm motors driving a 5.91 to 1 transmission going into a right angle 1 to 2 transmission drive to our garage door opener. This provides the robot with a lift speed of 6 inch/second, while still providing ample torque.

During the last four years we have learned a lot about engineering better robots. We are confident that combining our drive system with our lift system will give us a winning robot this year.

Submitted by Dan Lemieux

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Courtesy photos

Spruce Mountain High School robotics students Baylee Gilboe and Jasmine Bussiere are shown with the Jay Elementary School third graders during a visit with the class Jan. 22. Not shown, but also participating, was Spruce Mountain High School robotics student Austin Gilboe.

The third grade class was eager to learn more about recycling


Austin Gilboe, Jasmine Bussiere, and Baylee Gilboe speak to the third graders.

3 helper MrsC class

Spruce Mountain High School robotics instructor Dan Lemieux shows off the team’s Frisbee-shooting robot, “Koopa”.

 Robot demo
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